Why Landscaping Improves Your Property Value

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    What is Landscaping?

    According to Wikipedia , landscaping is an activity that enhances the features of an area of land. Three elements can be manipulated – living elements such as plants or animals, natural elements such as terrain, landform or bodies of water, and intangible elements like weather and lighting. A home or property owner will first contact a landscape contractor to visit the area to make a sketch of the design. Landscapers will use a variety of different tools and techniques to improve each unique property. That’s why landscaping has become an art.

    How Landscaping Improves Value

    This home may sell for a lot, but it could be worth a lot more with beautiful landscaping!

    Real Estate agents commonly discuss how tidying up your backyard and property will make it more attractive for potential buyers thus increasing the bids on your property. Who would get a good first impression if your front yard is dry and dreary? Some estate agents claim that by investing $20,000 on their property they were able to get an increased $200,000 on their home value. Of course we shouldn’t expect this to happen for every home, but that is one concrete statistic.

    There are cheap alternatives to improving your landscape. This is by adding color with easy-to-grow flowers and getting your grass as green and grow as possible. Every garden should have some of these easy to grow annuals:

    • pansies
    • sweet alyssum
    • snapdragon
    • dianthus
    • dusty miller
    • marigold
    • coleus
    • angelonia
    • pentas
    • vinca

    You can always hire a landscaper to do those menial tasks such as weeding, edging, mulching, mowing, tree trimming and sprinkler repair. Many of them offer a monthly maintenance program where you can just automate your gardening tasks.

    Landscapers near you

    Here is a list of recommended landscapers who can help beautify your property. 
    West Coast: 
    Admiral Green Landscaping (San Francisco, CA) 
    San Clemente Garden and Landscaping (San Clemente, CA) 
    Turf and Landscape Inc (Iowa City, IA) 
    East Coast: 
    Pinnacle Landscape and Design (Cumberland, ME) 
    South: JD Landcsape Services (Austin, TX)



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